Monday, August 6

fly away

oh hi... 

 i'm home... 

i finished my finals on friday and closed the book of 'my third semester' of grad school. 

i also spent last week without internet because the dear stranger that i've been bumming off of decided to move away without telling me. 

it is what it is. 

unless i can get arrested or something for admitting that. 

then i'm just kidding. 

i'm in full-on wedding mode during this week of 'summer vacation.' 

last night--i got mine and my mother's entire guest list typed up (minus some addresses), picked out and ordered a precious monogram from etsy, found the beer cups i want to use for the reception (which will be ordered as soon as i get my monogram back), and made myself a hefty to-do list for today. boom. 

and who said planning a wedding was hard? 
kidding again. 

and... dad flew over the house yesterday afternoon. he's so cool. 
happy monday y'all. 
have a good one. 

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