Saturday, July 30

Christmas in July

Christmas comes but TWICE a year, when it comes it brings good cheer. 

Wednesday night was Camp DeSoto's Christmas {Eve} in July. It's an experience like none other complete with a 20ish foot tall Christmas tree, Nsync and Mariah dance party, presents, and a live nativity scene. It rivals "real" Christmas, and if my mom wouldn't get so upset I would tell you that I almost like it better than Christmas in December. 

Of course, I would love to dress up as Mrs. Claus and drive a buggie. 

Yes, these are twin horses. I hope someone will appreciate how awesome that is.

And guess who just discovered Photobucket... this girl. 

By the time I post again, campers will have left the gates and I probably will be home in my own bed. I taught my last horseback class today and I'm not gonna lie--I cried some tears alone in the tack room. 

Be praying for hearts that still haven't heard what God brought them to the mountain to hear this summer. For relationships that might carry these girls through the next year. For conversations yet to come. For counselors and staff members that think they can't finish. 

Y'all are the best. And so many best wishes to friends who have gotten ENGAGED and gotten MARRIED this summer. I am so happy for all of you. 

Much love peeps, 

Thursday, July 21

a little {big} artwork

Wednesday, July 20

Never gonna grow up

Never gonna slow down

Caught up in a southern summer barefoot blue jean night.