Wednesday, July 25

if you really knew me...

.. you would know that I'm terribly self-conscious, which makes it so ironic that I write my life for everyone to read.. but would make total sense to you if you could see the number of drafts that are unfinished in my posts list. 

.. you would know that sometimes I like to tell myself I'm allergic to peanut butter, because it smells bad, looks gross, and I probably wouldn't like it if I tried it. 

.. you would know that I talk to most of the animals that I encounter during the day. 

.. you would know that I love to be alone. 

.. you would know that I still haven't stopped looking at this ring on my left hand. 

.. you would know that I don't know my right from left. 

.. you would know that I still don't really know how to do my makeup, and just yesterday I considered going to the Clinque counter and asking them to teach me. 

.. you would know that I would have a bakery if I were ever to become a good baker. 

.. you would know that my closet is organized into cocktail dresses, church dresses, game-day dresses, shorts, pants, jeans, casual shirts, tanks, school shirts, sweaters, and coats.

.. you would also know that all my shoes are simply thrown in a pile in the floor underneath that organized ridiculousness. No, I don't get it either. 

.. you would know that I journal. Not every day. Not anything super important. But in those seasons in life that deserved to be journaled. Go Moleskin. 

.. you would know that I am the only person in America who still doesn't have an Iphone or Instagram. 

.. you would know that I am envious of those who have the confidence to wear red lipstick. 

.. you would know that sometimes I have trouble with eye-contact. And just realized this when I had to work with a client on maintaining eye-contact. Fail. 

.. you would know that I tan too often, and I've become aware of it in the past few years. 

.. you would know that rethink about 75% of the conversations I have during the day. 

.. you would know that I have trouble not purchasing things that are coral. No matter what it is. 

.. you would know that I would wear headbands every day if that was acceptable. 

.. you would know that I'm nervous about planning my wedding because of 'what a wedding should be' in my hometown. 

.. you would know that one of the very few times I feel comfortable talking in front of large groups is when I can talk about Jesus. And I think that's so awesome. 

.. you would know that I would eat sour candy for every single meal of the day if someone could promise me there would be no side effects. 


Megan Berkey said...

This is awesome! I love that your confidence increases when you're talking about Jesus. I love that you love headbands and that you step out in courage to post your life here.

Here's the thing about weddings. When I planned mine, my version of what I wanted was TOTALLY different than people's expectations....especially my mom's. I wish I could say that I stuck it to them and completely did my own thing but mostly, I caved. I caved to what they wanted and I wish more than anything I would have made it more my own.
My absolute favorite thing about weddings I go to now is when I can look around and say, "This is totally her." No matter what that looks like. I hope you have the courage to make your wedding your own celebration. No regrets =)

And thus end the longest comment I have ever written haha.

Simply Splendid LOVE said...

How awesome that you are comfortable talking about Jesus in front of a large group!! It take a lot of courage and it's amazing that it's a strength of yours!

I agree, I'd wear headbands everyday if I could too. Not too long ago I went through my camera and almost every picture I was wearing a headband. Ha. SIlly.

I totally agree with Megan about weddings. Make sure you get what you want. I wanted mine to reflect myself and my husband. We accomplished that and I couldn't have been happier. Good luck planning! (p.s. I've been almost married for a year and I still find myself looking at my ring. I'm in love with it. ha)