Thursday, July 15

Being a Slacker

Haven't been on the internet in a super long time, but that's not always a bad thing.

First term ended last Wednesday, and I cried for a long long time when those "precious angels" left. They were such a blessing in my life and my heart has been changed because of them. I hope she won't mind, but this is part of a note that a camper left on my bed the morning that they left. "Sometimes God places surprises in our life. Like you were a surprise to me and I was one to you. Sometimes they're good and sometimes they're bad. Sometimes they're happy, sometimes they're sad. But none the less, surprises shape the person you will be. They change hearts, minds, and attitudes and God loves to watch his strong children endure through the sometimes tough surprises." That's just a glimpse of the things that I learned from 16 year olds every day.

And second term is turning out to be one of those surprises. Completely different personalities and relationships, but I am in the same cabin with the same age girls and they're incredible. They're full of energy and hilarious. I could definitely use some prayers though as we get to know each other and spend the next 3 weeks together. Pray for my energy and strength to physically give them the same experience that first term had, and prayers for each of them that they will open their hearts to what God wants them to hear this month.

Love y'all and miss you. Write me. :)

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Melissa said...

Aww Kelsie the excerpt from that note made me tear up! What a blessing to know you are a part of an amazing experience for the girls and also being shown God's love and wonder at the same time. God is great and prayers and positive thoughts are being sent your way for an even more blessed second term. We love you!