Monday, February 28

broadway and 2nd.

Best Sweetheart formal I've ever been to, without a doubt. Everything was perfect and we had such an incredible time. I'm not sure that I stopped smiling the whole trip, and would have given anything to have stayed a few more days. The weather was perfect and the company was perfect, too. 

Roadtripping with Mallory, Martin, Randall and Jenni Lynn. Dinner at Big River. A little fun at the Big Bang with the rest of Mississippi State. Mimosas. A great dinner at Eastland Cafe. Coyote Ugly? B.B. King for formal. A new friend from Meridian. An awesome band and some fantastic motown music. Fine cuisine from Sbarro pizza with Davis and Kathleen. A huge mound of chocolate chip pancakes from the Pancake Pantry. 

I really couldn't have asked for more. 

I also realized how wonderful our friends are. They really really are the best I could ever ask for. Love you all very much. 

Thank you for such a great weekend. 

I love all three of you. 

Dinner at Eastland Cafe. 

Sweet Anne Eastland, the new Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. 
I couldn't be more excited for you. 
Love you precious girl :)

Sissy looked perty. 

You're the best. 

I hope you all had a great weekend too. Neurology notes are on the end of my bed calling my name, so I'll be locked away in the library for the rest of the day. Happy Monday everyone!

love always,