Wednesday, September 26

some things you've missed

No, you aren't totally to blame for missing out on the thousands of little details that that have been happening in my life over the past few months (geez). I haven't been sharing, but not because of a lack of effort on your part. Every sweet demanding text message has made me smile and giggle, and then I quickly make a mental note that I'm still not blogging today. Being that it's Wednesday, and the blog world is full of wedding posts--I refuse to be outdone. So besides teaching kindergarteners how to say their s's and r's, here is what I have been up to the since August. 

Choose a date.
Book the church. 
Book the reception venue. 
Book a band.
Take engagement pictures.
Pick out Save the Dates. 
Buy wedding bands. 
Book wedding day transportation (to be completed next week)
Find and order a fabulous pair of shoes. 
Order bridesmaids gifts.
Finalize the guest list. 
Pick out Invitations.  
Order a guest book. (to be completed next week)
Block off hotel rooms. (waiting for calls to be returned) 
Book a honeymoon. (we've chosen a destination! woo hoo!)
Finish our wedding website. 
Meet with Amanda, the wedding planner/savior. 
Order Saves the Dates. (to be completed next week)
Get the ball rolling on bridesmaids dresses. 
Decide on a wedding cake. 

See, I can do this too. 

Two special packages with my name on them have been floating around the country this week. My bridesmaids' gifts arrived today--and I am absolutely giddy about them. And another HUGE package will be arriving at my house on Friday. I'll give you a hint--one of the contents rhymes with "press" and the other rhymes with "nail." Got it? Good. 

And on a completely unrelated note, I'm going to be the proud new owner of an Iphone 5 on Friday afternoon. See ya later Stone Ages. Instagram, anyone? 

Thursday, September 20

where i've been

Having dinner with dad, 

and going to pep rallies, 

and celebrating Bulldog football victories, 

with friends that are close by, 

and old friends, 

and best friends. 

I've been being a bridesmaid, 

and being a bridesmaid, 

and being a bride. 

Be back soon. 

Wednesday, August 8

Meet Martin

This kid started his new job today. After five years of studying, homework, and tests--he is finally an accountant. I couldn't be more proud. Happy first day of work buddy, you're going to be great. 

This is Martin. You've heard about him. I'm marrying him. But you really don't know him. I guess since he went out on a limb and proposed, maybe I should give him a "Meet Martin" tab over on the left. But that's a really big commitment, and I just don't know if I'm there yet. Kidding.

So, Meet Martin. 

-Accountant--as of 8:00 this morning. Need one? I know a guy. 

-Mississippi State graduate. And Sigma Chi frat star. Kidding about the frat star part, but he was a Sigma Chi. And he was the Sigma Chi house dad this past year. But they paid for his school, so that either makes him a genius or a frat star--you choose. 

-Happy, smiley, funny. But don't tell him I said he's funny. Kid's got jokes. 

-Loves Jesus and loves his mom. The two most important things to look for in a man. 

-Reality-TV-a-holic. Although I can't say I'm too far from crossing that line as well.  

-Sports guru. Football, baseball, basketball. It's a good thing we have similar interests. It's a good thing I've cried over watching Mississippi State lose a basketball game. It's a good thing I fell in love with MSU Baseball. It's a good thing I squealed like a child when we got our season football tickets. Because Mr. Tribble, he loves it all even more. 

-Confident, genuine, honest. 

-A great friend. Evident by the 15 guys that will be standing beside him on our wedding day. 

-More fun to be with than a barrel of monkeys. Always up for an adventure. Always ready for a good time. 

The macaroni to my cheese for the past seven years. They've been some good ones. 
Say a little prayer for your new friend Martin today. I know he would appreciate it. 

Monday, August 6

fly away

oh hi... 

 i'm home... 

i finished my finals on friday and closed the book of 'my third semester' of grad school. 

i also spent last week without internet because the dear stranger that i've been bumming off of decided to move away without telling me. 

it is what it is. 

unless i can get arrested or something for admitting that. 

then i'm just kidding. 

i'm in full-on wedding mode during this week of 'summer vacation.' 

last night--i got mine and my mother's entire guest list typed up (minus some addresses), picked out and ordered a precious monogram from etsy, found the beer cups i want to use for the reception (which will be ordered as soon as i get my monogram back), and made myself a hefty to-do list for today. boom. 

and who said planning a wedding was hard? 
kidding again. 

and... dad flew over the house yesterday afternoon. he's so cool. 
happy monday y'all. 
have a good one.