Friday, June 24

things i have learned from a child..

... patience. Patience with myself. Patience with others. Patience with horses. Patience at meals. Patience while walking across the gym lawn. Genuinely learning what patience is about and how valuable it is.

... love. How to love when it's easy. How to love when it isn't so easy. How to love when I think I'm too tired. How to love when there is honey and butter all over a child's face and they've just spilled their second glass of orange juice in the morning. How to love a horse that hasn't been cooperating all day. How to love a child who doesn't want to be with you. 

.. that fear is okay. No matter how brave you think you have to be, it's always okay to be fearful. No matter how many times you've done something, it's okay that it scares you. No matter how comfortable you should be, it's okay to still have fear. No matter whether you're in charge or not, it's okay to be fearful. Fear stretches us. It teaches us. It grows us. It's okay, and it's good. 

... to listen. Sometimes the greatest things aren't the ones that are the most easily heard. Sometimes they aren't even said. Sometimes the child that needs you the most is the one that is quietly sitting in the background. Sometimes a friend only needs you to listen, and doesn't actually need your advice. That "I'm doing okay" really means "please pray for me."

... that fun is everywhere. That fun can be had at any time of day. That a Bieber dance party pulls energy from you that you didn't know was there. That you can turn a riding ring obstacle course into a magical adventure through a candy forest with a chocolate bridge and lifesavers that shoot out Gatorade is the best thing that'll happen to you in a day. That pretending makes things ten times more exciting. That you don't have to be a good singer to sing. That if you just let go, you'll enjoy everything more. That having to put on the show when you think you can't changes your attitude instantly. 

love always, 

Tuesday, June 21

the circus

Oh hey, yeah I'm exhausted. But so completely filled at the same time. 

Couldn't have had a better weekend/past few days. I got the great pleasure on Sunday morning of having breakfast with some of the best kids I know. My little babies from first term last summer came into town to visit church on Sunday morning, and Katty Cox and I got to have a fantastic breakfast with them bright and early. I've missed y'all so much and it was SO great to see you :)

Monday (yesterday?) the circus came to Camp DeSoto. And I don't have my camera cord on me {and obviously my pictures aren't this good} so I'm gonna borrow a few from the Camp DeSoto website for y'all to check out. Seriously, when I say circus I mean circus... and mostly just the food part. Three corndogs is where I had to draw the line, but I really think I could have done more damage. 

And I stood on a horse while wearing a tutu. That picture is still to come. 

Love you all. Thank you so much for you're encouraging texts, emails and comments. You have no clue how much it means.