Wednesday, August 8

Meet Martin

This kid started his new job today. After five years of studying, homework, and tests--he is finally an accountant. I couldn't be more proud. Happy first day of work buddy, you're going to be great. 

This is Martin. You've heard about him. I'm marrying him. But you really don't know him. I guess since he went out on a limb and proposed, maybe I should give him a "Meet Martin" tab over on the left. But that's a really big commitment, and I just don't know if I'm there yet. Kidding.

So, Meet Martin. 

-Accountant--as of 8:00 this morning. Need one? I know a guy. 

-Mississippi State graduate. And Sigma Chi frat star. Kidding about the frat star part, but he was a Sigma Chi. And he was the Sigma Chi house dad this past year. But they paid for his school, so that either makes him a genius or a frat star--you choose. 

-Happy, smiley, funny. But don't tell him I said he's funny. Kid's got jokes. 

-Loves Jesus and loves his mom. The two most important things to look for in a man. 

-Reality-TV-a-holic. Although I can't say I'm too far from crossing that line as well.  

-Sports guru. Football, baseball, basketball. It's a good thing we have similar interests. It's a good thing I've cried over watching Mississippi State lose a basketball game. It's a good thing I fell in love with MSU Baseball. It's a good thing I squealed like a child when we got our season football tickets. Because Mr. Tribble, he loves it all even more. 

-Confident, genuine, honest. 

-A great friend. Evident by the 15 guys that will be standing beside him on our wedding day. 

-More fun to be with than a barrel of monkeys. Always up for an adventure. Always ready for a good time. 

The macaroni to my cheese for the past seven years. They've been some good ones. 
Say a little prayer for your new friend Martin today. I know he would appreciate it. 

Monday, August 6

fly away

oh hi... 

 i'm home... 

i finished my finals on friday and closed the book of 'my third semester' of grad school. 

i also spent last week without internet because the dear stranger that i've been bumming off of decided to move away without telling me. 

it is what it is. 

unless i can get arrested or something for admitting that. 

then i'm just kidding. 

i'm in full-on wedding mode during this week of 'summer vacation.' 

last night--i got mine and my mother's entire guest list typed up (minus some addresses), picked out and ordered a precious monogram from etsy, found the beer cups i want to use for the reception (which will be ordered as soon as i get my monogram back), and made myself a hefty to-do list for today. boom. 

and who said planning a wedding was hard? 
kidding again. 

and... dad flew over the house yesterday afternoon. he's so cool. 
happy monday y'all. 
have a good one.