Tuesday, April 26

the south

My love for Mississippi, and more specifically the Mississippi Delta, grows each and every time I spend a weekend at home. 

Just this weekend, I had three of those ahhh this is perfect and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else moments. 

Laying out in my backyard on Friday afternoon. I know that isn't MS Delta specific, but being 10,000 miles from anywhere in the quiet of my own house with baby corn sprouting all around us made me so appreciative of my home.

Sitting on the back porch with a solo cup of wine. The utter perfection of this one was fighting off the mosquitoes long enough to listen to a little music and hear the bugs start to chirp. Perfect evening weather and no street lights or honking horns in the background. 

Lounging on the dock on Sunday afternoon. One of our friends has an absolutely stunning lake house, with a dock/patio that sits out over the water. Looking out over the lake with family, friends and a frozen drink in hand, I was so grateful to be from the Delta. 

It is beautiful.. whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter. I take it for granted so so often. I can quickly see the real world coming my way, and I have recently started realizing that the Delta is "where I grew up" and it will always be home but it may not be where "I am moving back to" anytime soon. And I'm just not sure how I feel about that anymore. 

Mississippi,  you have my heart. And always will.

Mississippi Delta: Old Barn along Hgy 61

love always, 

Tuesday, April 19

22 from my 22nd year.

Happy Birthday to ME! 

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.

Today is the day, my 23rd birthday. I. heart. birthdays. And in honor of completing my 22nd year of life, I'm giving you a list of 22 things that were important to me from my 22nd year. 

one. I wrapped up my four years of undergrad at Mississippi State. I moved out of the Chi O house for the very last time. I worked my last game at Dudy Noble. I watched my friends get jobs, get into graduate school and move away. So bittersweet. 

two. I started a blog. What a great outlet it has been, and what encouragement I have received from so many people. 

three. I met Camp DeSoto. Three months on a mountain with some incredible people, making some incredible memories and learning some incredible lessons. It's hard to believe Camp and its people weren't even part of my life a year ago. 

four. I learned about faith.

five. Student teaching. You've heard enough about that here and here and here and here

six. I graduated from college. And tried to start living into the idea of being an alumus of Mississippi State University. Hail State. 

seven. I went rock climbing, twice. And I was pretty dang good at it. 

eight. I've gotten to celebrate with lots of my precious friends that have gotten engaged

nine. I learned how to open up to others. Yeah, it took me 22 years to learn how to do that. Judge me. 

ten. I learned about forgiveness. 

eleven. I got a new computer, and a Kindle. And I am now a technology addict. 

twelve. I was offered the Head of Horseback position at Camp DeSoto. Another summer on the mountain, it's good for the soul. 

thirteen. I've gotten to hang out with my sissy in college. It's been fun. Glad I've got a whole two more years of it. 

fourteen. I read LOTS of books, and some faves were: Water for Elephants, A Praying Life, Crazy Love, The Wednesday Letters, The Help, Heaven is For Real and Look Me in the Eyes. 

fifteen. I went to see Garth Brooks in Nashville. 

sixteen. Mississippi State demolished Michigan in the Gator Bowl, and of course I was there to witness it... cowbell in hand. 

seventeen. I was tested by the Lord, and failed miserably. But got to see Him pick me back up again. 

eighteen. I went on a cruise for SB2K11. I also fell in love with the Caribbean. 

nineteen. I rode a mechanical bull. Bucket list---check.  

twenty. I got into grad school at MUW. Future Speech Pathologists. Look out world. 

twenty one. I gave a sermon

twenty two. I loved, a lot. 

Here's to 23rd, and the many many things it holds. Thank you all you great readers! You're the best. 

love always, 

Sunday, April 17

i am from.

I am from a small town in Mississippi Delta,
from two loving parents and three sisters, 
from cotton, corn, rice and soybeans. 

I am from summers in the backyard, 
from watermelons, popcorn and peaches, 
from swimming pools and sweet tea. 

I am from Pillow Academy and Mississippi State,
from the Junction, and Davis Wade,
from Dudy Noble and the Cotton District,
from the Chi O house and the Sigma Chi house.  

I am from friends, 
from high school friends and college friends, 
from Camp friends all over the country. 

I am from movies and music, 
from the Wizard of Oz, The Little Mermaid and Titanic, 
from Hanson and the Spice Girls. 

I am from Midling and Bumpkin, 
from Holly, Dolly, Tootsie, and so many others.

I am from gummy bears and Skittles, 
from Sour Patch Kids and Lifesavers,
from chocolate chip cookies and brownies. 

I am from... loving where I am from.  

love always,