Tuesday, April 10

the proposal

Disclaimer: There are lots of surprise parties involved in this story, and lots of lies. We do not all lie this much in real life. At least I hope not. 

So last week, while I'm making super awesome plans for Friday night to celebrate Martin's birthday, I get a phone call from Mart's mom telling me all about the surprise party she has decided to have for Martin...on Friday night. Being the very logical person that I am, I stress for about an hour trying to figure out how I am going to get Mart to a surprise party without him a) disappointing his mother during the week by talking about how excited he is to have dinner with his friends or b) throw a fit when his mother asks him to 'run some errands' at 6:30 on a Friday night. So I tell him about the party. 

Good fiancee move #1: Ruining a surprise party that someone has planned for themself. Then crying like an idiot for thirty minutes about it and apologizing. Oh, and remember that text message I cried about last week, that wasn't about a birthday present. 

Friday rolls around. We go back to Greenwood. I am at Martin's house and his mother tells me to come around 6:15 and then she would send him out until his family could get there. Okay, certainly I can handle that because Martin already knows. I go home and shower and primp and put on an American Eagle tank top from 2009 out of my sisters' closet because I didn't like what I brought. I leave for town telling my mother, sisters and dad to be at Martin's surprise party at 7:00. 

Good fiancee move #2: I'm late. I don't think it really mattered, but I was late. And I'm never late. And I picked today to be late. 

So I get to town and Mrs. Pam immediately sends us out the door to pick up a gift for Martin's sister, Melissa {it was actually her birthday on Friday, and Martin 'thought' the surprise party was for her. And I didn't think twice about it} at her best friend from high school's house. Well, this also happens to be the same family that taught me riding lessons since I was a tiny tot. Mrs. Pam mentions that Martin has never seen the barn and Jan said to show him around while we are there. So as we're walking out the door, I casually say "Of course. That's my favorite place in the whole world."

We get there and hop out of the car and I'm snapping away with my new camera, without a care in the world. 

And before I knew what was going on, Mart was on one knee and this was on my hand. 

I cried like a baby. Mart said the first thing I actually said was "Is this real?" He had to ask me to move my hands from my mouth so he could put the ring on my finger. He got me. 

So we head back to Mart's for his 'surprise' party shortly after and I sob all the way back into town. This wasn't helped by the fact that he played "Oh Heavenly Day," "Have a Little Faith in Me," and Train's "Marry Me" in the car on the way home. I just melted. 

We walked in for Mart's surprise party where our families were waiting. His mom, dad and sisters knew. My mom and sisters didn't have a clue. Everyone yelled 'Surprise' and I melted again before I told them we were engaged. It was precious. 

To be continued... 


CALLIE said...

So sweet!! Had me crying first thing this morning. So excited for you two!

jessica clayton said...

such a sweet story and BEAUTIFUL ring! CONGRATS blog friend!

Elizabeth said...

congratulations on this fun new chapter in your life!

lindsey kelly said...

this pregnant mama is crying like a baby at work... so happy for you both!!

Megan Berkey said...

I LOVE IT!!! This is awesome. Such a sweet story and I can't wait to hear the many many more that are to come of yall's lives together =)

Kaitlin Godfrey said...

so amazing! congrats to you both kelsie!!

alexis @ bloomed in june said...

awwwww :) love it! and this will be such a great story to tell your grandkids one day!