Wednesday, April 11

the proposal: part dos.

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So we're hanging out at Martin's 'surprise' party and celebrating with our families, when Mart looks at me and says "We have to go now." Obviously, I ask lots of questions and he answers none of them. 

We drove all the way out to Mart's family's cabin, and when we pull up he tells me that all of our friends are here and they think they're at a surprise party for me. I took off my ring and hopped out with my 'surprised' face on. Apparently while they were waiting, someone suggested that we might be getting engaged--since my birthday isn't until the 19th. After we got out of the car, we let them search for my left hand and then watched the disappointment on their faces as they all walked back inside. Finally someone got brave and said "Well, happy birthday but we thought we were going to tell you Happy Engagement too." I immediately got giddy and pulled the ring out of my pocket, which created mass chaos. It was just as exciting as getting to tell our families, and I wish I had it all on film. 

Sweet Mal even got us a cake.  

Raymond Street family, even Callie made the trip. 

Our best Greenwood friends/favorite newlywed couple, the Belks. 

Martin's secret keeper. He couldn't have picked a better one. 

So thankful that all of our friends made the effort to come all the way to Greenwood, just for a birthday party, and that they were there to celebrate with us after another surprise. We are so grateful for each of you and the things that you have brought to our lives. Whether it's been a 20 year friendship or a 5 year friendship, you all mean the world to us and we loved being able to share this with you. 

And to Mart, you surprised me friend. At some point in the last seven years, I boldly declared "You'll never be able to surprise me" and you pulled out something beyond my wildest dreams. This weekend could not have been more perfect, and I am so thankful for the lengths that you went to for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you more than you know and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. 


Rachel said...

Ughhhhh I've GOT to stop crying about this hahaha I tear up every time I think about it. I SO wish I had been there to celebrate with y'all this weekend...stupid work. You know how excited I am about this engagement...favorite couple in the world :) LOVE you, sweet friend!

Sar said...

oh my gosh, kels, that is the sweetest story ever! i love that you surprised your friends too, who were supposed to be surprising you! love it!

Nicole Calvert said...

Girl, I know right where Phillip is! I am so excited to meet another Delta girl! Congrats on your engagement.


Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

So incredibly sweet! Congrats girl! Such an exciting time, enjoy every moment!!

Allie said...

So cute!!