Tuesday, April 3

mart's day of birth.

As some of you may know, I like this boy. Can't you tell? 
And we go way back. 
 And since this is birthday number seven that we're celebrating together, I though I would share with you some things that we've learned over the years. 

We've learned to help each other when one of us can't string a suction-cup bow and arrow.
Or when one of us gets too hot. 
 We've learned that we're pretty funny. One of us at least, your choice as to who that is. {cough cough}
 We've learned to never pretend like we like each other in public...
We've learned how to dress up for every occasion...
...especially when it involves tie-dye... 
...or just anything outrageous. 
 We've learned how to slip-n-slide. And that it's a bad idea in February. 
 We've learned about wildlife...
...lots of wildlife. 
We've also learned that we have awesome friends. 
Happy birthday Mart. I'm thankful to keep learning awesome life lessons with you. As ridiculous as they may continue to be. Congrats on being 23... oh, wait. 

And if anyone is feeling funny this morning, give him a shout-out. 


CALLIE said...

Yall are the cutest!! Happy Happy Birthday Martin!

Rachel said...

Sweet little Mart! Happy birthday to HIM! Love y'all both :)