Tuesday, April 26

the south

My love for Mississippi, and more specifically the Mississippi Delta, grows each and every time I spend a weekend at home. 

Just this weekend, I had three of those ahhh this is perfect and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else moments. 

Laying out in my backyard on Friday afternoon. I know that isn't MS Delta specific, but being 10,000 miles from anywhere in the quiet of my own house with baby corn sprouting all around us made me so appreciative of my home.

Sitting on the back porch with a solo cup of wine. The utter perfection of this one was fighting off the mosquitoes long enough to listen to a little music and hear the bugs start to chirp. Perfect evening weather and no street lights or honking horns in the background. 

Lounging on the dock on Sunday afternoon. One of our friends has an absolutely stunning lake house, with a dock/patio that sits out over the water. Looking out over the lake with family, friends and a frozen drink in hand, I was so grateful to be from the Delta. 

It is beautiful.. whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter. I take it for granted so so often. I can quickly see the real world coming my way, and I have recently started realizing that the Delta is "where I grew up" and it will always be home but it may not be where "I am moving back to" anytime soon. And I'm just not sure how I feel about that anymore. 

Mississippi,  you have my heart. And always will.

Mississippi Delta: Old Barn along Hgy 61

love always, 


Ashton said...

Beautiful post! I feel the same way about my little hometown. I love being tucked away from the hustle and bustle of life. Though, I know there is no "real" future there for me...right now at least.

I love sitting on a porch on hot summer/spring nights and being able to hear everything around me. It is truly one of the greatest pleasures this world has to offer.

Lp said...

love this post! It portrays so many feelings that I have about my hometown! :)