Sunday, April 17

i am from.

I am from a small town in Mississippi Delta,
from two loving parents and three sisters, 
from cotton, corn, rice and soybeans. 

I am from summers in the backyard, 
from watermelons, popcorn and peaches, 
from swimming pools and sweet tea. 

I am from Pillow Academy and Mississippi State,
from the Junction, and Davis Wade,
from Dudy Noble and the Cotton District,
from the Chi O house and the Sigma Chi house.  

I am from friends, 
from high school friends and college friends, 
from Camp friends all over the country. 

I am from movies and music, 
from the Wizard of Oz, The Little Mermaid and Titanic, 
from Hanson and the Spice Girls. 

I am from Midling and Bumpkin, 
from Holly, Dolly, Tootsie, and so many others.

I am from gummy bears and Skittles, 
from Sour Patch Kids and Lifesavers,
from chocolate chip cookies and brownies. 

I am from... loving where I am from.  

love always, 

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Ashton said...

Such a wonderful post! Love it. Oh and hey Chi-O sister!

Have a fabulous week!