Tuesday, June 21

the circus

Oh hey, yeah I'm exhausted. But so completely filled at the same time. 

Couldn't have had a better weekend/past few days. I got the great pleasure on Sunday morning of having breakfast with some of the best kids I know. My little babies from first term last summer came into town to visit church on Sunday morning, and Katty Cox and I got to have a fantastic breakfast with them bright and early. I've missed y'all so much and it was SO great to see you :)

Monday (yesterday?) the circus came to Camp DeSoto. And I don't have my camera cord on me {and obviously my pictures aren't this good} so I'm gonna borrow a few from the Camp DeSoto website for y'all to check out. Seriously, when I say circus I mean circus... and mostly just the food part. Three corndogs is where I had to draw the line, but I really think I could have done more damage. 

And I stood on a horse while wearing a tutu. That picture is still to come. 

Love you all. Thank you so much for you're encouraging texts, emails and comments. You have no clue how much it means. 


Rachel said...

I pretty much want to be you when I grow up. Why are you so cool? Thankful that I have wonderful friends like you :)

CountryCouture said...

You may remember that I stumbled upon your blog when I was checking on camp after the tornadoes. I added your URL to my GoogleReader, and you have no idea how much reading your blog makes my heart happy. Most parents don't understand how I can send my daughter away for a month each summer. I can send her away without regret because I know that she is being mentored by faithful role models like you! I can't wait for her to meet you in July!