Wednesday, June 16

Five days of camp, finally settling into a routine. I'm living with seven 16 year old girls until July 7th. From Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee. I had a mild panic attack when I found all this out, and all I could think about was "How in the world am I going to relate to 16 year old girls?" And the question you are probably asking yourself is "Seriously? What type 16 year olds still go to camp?" Well, the answer to that question is amazing ones. Smart, talented, athletic, cool, spiritual, awesome ones. There have been several times that I've caught myself wishing that I could be as cool/wonderful as them. I hope that they learn as much from me in the long run as I have already learned from them. And they're the oldest girls at camp, which would make it very easy for them to take advantage of the "new counselor." But they are so supportive and encouraging when they know I'm not sure of what's going on---which definitely isn't their job but they do it anyway. They're just great.

I'll be spending the majority of my time in the riding ring, which in my head is the perfect place to be. It has already provided some extremely cool tan lines that you should all be jealous of.

But all in all, it's going wonderfully and I couldn't ask for anything better. Letters are greatly appreciated. Miss you all very much.


Lori Brooks said...

Kelsey! I look forward to hearing all about it! Do you have the Porkies? (think thats what they are called if I can remember..)

I miss camp so much. Say hello to cabin 7 and 8 for me. That was my home.

I'll be thinking about you!

-Lori Brooks

Joe 'n' BJane said...

Will be praying for you while you're at camp! I know you will have a GREAT time being "counselor" to these 16 year olds - and I KNOW they will fall in love with you. Remember - "I can do ALL things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me."
love you
bj :o)
p.s.- LOVE your blog!!! I'm impressed!