Monday, June 21

Circus Day

At Camp DeSoto we love to play,

especially on CIRCUS DAY!

Circus Day was today! Full of cotton candy, corn dogs, snowcones and sugar of all kinds. All of camp divided up into different groups and performed several different circus acts. We had jump ropers, mimes, elephants, tumblers, lions, hula hoopers and many more. It was such a fun day, and I doubt any kid in camp will be able to sleep tonight.

Everything is going great. It's such a blessing to be living with these girls and learning more about their lives every day. They ask questions that make me think and dig deeper into my own faith. We've been having some really great devotions before bed, but my favorite has been from Matthew 21:18-22. Jesus is hungry and sees a beautiful fig tree on the side of the road. He stops at the tree but finds that there is no fruit. Jesus curses the tree saying "May you never bear fruit again" and immediately the tree withers. Jesus is showing us that even though we may have a beautiful and convincing exterior, if we aren't producing "fruit" for his kingdom, then we might as well be a withered tree with no use to Him at all. To me, that is such a clear picture of how we should be living our lives everyday.

Keep praying that these girls will continue to open up and let me into their lives.

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anm_2006 said...

Looks like you're having a blast Kelsie! I will be praying for you!
-ashley mcgee