Sunday, May 30


I'm already bad at this, but I promise I am about to get better.

I've been quite the world traveler lately (well, sort of). May 18th through the 22nd consisted of a fabulous trip to Baton Rouge for some baseball.

It was definitely the perfect ending to a 3 year career of dominating every SEC town that we have visited. (Diamond Girls: 2 Baton Rouge: 0) I'd say leaving the bar with a lava lamp qualifies as a successful trip, but to each his own. And this is where I have to elaborate on my previous mention of Mr. Berryhill. Good ole Darryl decided to "adopt" us in Hawaii last year, and ever since then has been the best supporter/grandfather/friend that any of us could have ever asked for. Just an MSU Alumni and baseball fan, he has treated us like his own family and I could never ever repay him for the things he has done. But in true Mr. Berryhill style, he and his wife cooked lunch for us during our weekend in Louisiana. Thanks Mr. B---we love you!

From Baton Rouge, I had a one day pit stop in Philipp and then headed out for a week of horseback training at Camp DeSoto. We stayed on horses from Monday afternoon until Thursday night, and I must admit that I haven't been this sore in a long long time. It did, however, get me even more excited about the summer to come. It is such a beautiful place and I fell in love with everyone that I met.

The view from Lookout Mountain won't be such a terrible thing to wake up to every morning. This is a short and sweet update on the past two weeks, and I will have some more insightful posts in the next few days. Have a great Memorial Day!

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