Wednesday, February 1

retreat to the mountain

Ohh I'm as excited as a kid on Christmas. I'm headed to Camp DeSoto this weekend to reunite with these pretty ladies and enjoy a weekend of fellowship and worship. I knew I loved this staff when we finished staff training in June and the kids poured in the gates. Watching them embrace their cabins full of girls that they didn't know, and embrace a staff  of girls that they barely knew was incredible. If someone was struggling, there were always five people there to pick her up--and that's just awesome peeps. 

And then we looked up and it was July, and Closing Day was getting closer. We all knew the day was coming that we had to pack up and go home. And by this point I was crazy in love (yeah, a Beyonce reference--sue me). Knowing you've only got a few more days in the most supportive, encouraging, caring, awesome community ever is a terrible feeling. Lots of tears. Lots of hugs. Lots of "I miss you already" texts before you've even gotten to the bottom of the mountain. 

All that to say that this weekend, I get to go back. Lots of hugs. Probably some tears. Lots of stories to share. Lots of singing. Lots of worshipping. Lots of eating. Late night laughs. I just can't wait. I love these people. And love this place. And love what it stands for. And love what it means to me now. 

And I might have woken up crying Tuesday night because I had a dream that they told me that Staff Retreat was cancelled, but it was really wasn't and they just didn't want me to come. So... yeah, that about sums it up. 


Savannah said...

well said, Kelsey. couldn't be more excited about this weekend! And, why yes, I do stalk every single camp-affiliated person's blog that I can find.

Laura said...

What a happy post! I hope you have a fabulous time retreating.