Tuesday, September 7


Football Season Favorites:

Huge white tents going up in the Junction marking the beginning of fabulous weekends, Friday afternoons at 5 p.m., endless platters of Abners chicken strips at every tailgate, having too many maroon dresses, cute heels cute flats, the constant supply of campaign and sorority stickers, COWBELLS, Maroon-Out Games, White-Out Games, babies in MSU cheerleading suits, the excitement of the black jerseys, the Greenwood and AttalaWhackers Tents, running into that friend you haven't seen in a few days or a few years, solo cups full of... whatever you may choose to fill them with, the Dawg Walk, chill bumps at game time.. everytime, night games--and all that comes with them, flat screen TV's playing every other SEC game, winning, losing, "For dear ole State we'll yell like H-E-L-L," hot dogs and sprites, pictures, pictures, and more pictures,  four years worth of face tattoos, the student section, being drenched in whiskey drinks after every touchdown but not really caring, having blisters and a sore right arm on Sunday morning, the Crawfish Shuffle/Bulldog Shuffle.

Two more days until game day.

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