Saturday, August 28

Happy Five Year Anniversary :)

I'm not one for sentimental things, but Martin and I have been together for 5 years today. That's half a decade. All of college. Since I was 17. Since Martin was 16. Since Anna and Mae were 9. Since Karlie was in 8th grade. Since Drew was 1 and before Macy was born.

From awkwardly watching movies together, not holding hands, pep rallies and football games (and basketball games and baseball games), Sundays on jet skis at the cabin, tailgating and the Junction and the student section, road trips, CMA Music Fests, date parties and formals, Sigma Chi and Chi O, being apart for freshman year... and that summer.... and this summer (my bad), lots of birthdays and holidays, Anthony's trips, our Raymond Street family and our Greenwood family.

And the blessing of not being defined by each other, but being a better person because of each other.

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