Thursday, November 10

i'm a nine.

No, I'm not cocky enough to give myself a 9 out of 10 scale as one of my precious friends so lovingly pointed out. 
I am a nine. {It's really necessary that you click that. Ready, go.}

The Enneagram: something you must read at least a little bit about. Because it will turn your world upside down. The Enneagram groups "personality types" into nine different groups. We talk about the Enneagram during Staff Training at Camp, because not only does it lay out the great qualities and strengths about each number but it also helps you understand your weaknesses. It helps you understand why you react the way you do in certain situations, and teaches you the ways that you can be your best self. You are probably thinking--There's no way I could be put into a group like that. Trust me. Just read a little. It's kind of scary. 

If you know me or have been reading for long, you'll be able to recognize how spot on "being a nine" is of my personality. Enjoy. 

From The Enneagram Institute

Nine: The Peacemaker

Nines are accepting, trusting and stable. They are usually creative, optimistic, and supportive, but can also be too willing to go along with others to keep the peace. They want everything to go smoothly and be without conflict, but they can also tend to be complacent, simplifying problems and minimizing anything upsetting. They typically have problems with inertia and stubbornness. 

At their Best: indomitable and all-embracing, they are able to bring people together and heal conflicts.
Basic fear: of loss or separation. 

Nines demonstrate the universal temptation to ignore the disturbing aspects of life and to seek some degree of peace and comfort by “numbing out.” They respond to pain and suffering by attempting to live in a state of false peacefulness, or in denial. More than any other type, Nines demonstrate the tendency to run away from the paradoxes and tensions of life by attempting to find simple and painless solutions to their problems.

How to Get Along with Me

  • If you want me to do something, how you ask is important. I especially don't like expectations or pressure.
  • I like to listen and to be of service, but don't take advatage of this.
  • Listen until I finish speaking, even though I meander a bit.
  • Give me time to finish things and make decisions. It's OK to nudge me gently and nonjudgmentally.
  • Ask me questions to help me get clear.
  • Tell me when you like how I look. I'm not averse to flattery.
  • Hug me, show physical affection. It opens me up to my feelings.
  • I like a good discussion but not a confrontation.
  • Let me know you like what I've done or said.
  • Laugh with me and share in my enjoyment of life.
What I Like About Being a Nine
  • being nonjudgmental and accepting
  • caring for and being concerned about others
  • being able to relax and have a good time
  • knowing that most people enjoy my company; I'm easy to be around
  • my ability to see many different sides of an issue and to be a good mediator and facilitator
  • my heightened awareness of sensations, aesthetics, and the here and now
  • being able to go with the flow and feel one with the universe
What's Hard About Being a Nine
  • being judged and misunderstood for being placid and/or indecisive
  • being critical of myself for lacking initiative and discipline
  • being too sensitive to criticism; taking every raised eyebrow and twitch of the mouth personally
  • being confused about what I really want
  • caring too much about what others will think of me
  • not being listened to or taken seriously

    Andddd yeah. That's me. Go check it out. 

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