Sunday, March 6

fruits: kindness


"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." Galatians 5:22

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Just one short kindness story that has truly touched me. 

I was at a laundromat in Fort Payne, AL this summer on a night off. Washing clothes, obviously. Reading a book. Writing some letters. Talking on the phone. The usual. 

We have to be back at camp by midnight, so I did a few things I needed to do early in the night and put off washing clothes until last. This might sound a little ridiculous/risky, but the crime rate in Fort Payne is really low. I never ever once felt uncomfortable, so before you judge me for being dumb--it isn't as bad as it sounds.

But anyway, this one night I was washing clothes and it was just me and one other lady in the laundromat. She was older, maybe mid-30's, hispanic, so beautiful. She finished her last load of clothes, folded them and took them to her car. I was alone, and I know she felt me get a little tense as she was leaving. 

It was around 10:30 at this point, and I still had about 45-50 minutes worth of dryer time left. She took all of her clothes out to her car, came back in and sat down beside me. We hadn't spoken the whole time we had been doing our laundry, something that I really regret now, but she started chatting. I knew she was done, so I was a little confused about what she was doing. And I guess she knew that, so she asked me about 5 minutes into our conversation if it would be okay if she stayed with me until my clothes were finished. 

I objected a few times, and finally said yes. So an hour later, after she had sat with me through drying and folding, I was done. She said she hoped I had a good night, and left. That was it. 

I was so struck by her kindness in that night that I don't think I will ever forget it. She probably had plenty of other things to be doing besides sitting with a stranger in a laundromat at 11:30 at night. But she stayed, simply out of kindness to be sure that I was okay. 

I am still so humbled by and thankful for that woman. Her kindness is something I won't ever be able to repay, but I am grateful for it. 

love always, 


Morgan Paige said...

im so enjoying these fruits of the spirit posts!! and that is the sweetest story! i think acts of kindness from complete strangers are the ultimate picture of jesus.

Kelly Rae said...

Visiting from Mingle your fruit of the spirit posts! Really puts life back into perspective. God had a reason for me to visit your blog today and I feel so uplifted by your stories. Thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

What a selfless act! That's super cool and inspiring. :)