Monday, November 29



so i got this letter in the mail a few days ago [actually it was today--but i'm waiting to post this until i actually accept the job]. it was from camp desoto and the fabulous phil hurt and i assumed it was just a "happy holidays" note or something of the sort.

i open it and i am reading through it not expecting too much more than "i hope you're having a great semester." i'm just thrilled to be reading a letter from phil. well then i get to the line that says "we would like you to come back and join our leadership team this summer."

i choke a little, then look around to make sure no one is watching me.

excuse me? what? let me read that again. ohhh wait. that's what it really says.

okay. so cue the tears (suprising? no). i catch my breath and start over. "we would like you to come back this summer and be the head of horseback."

no lie, i flip the envelope over and make sure it is addressed to me. then i start over.. again.

yep. it still says the same thing. i didn't read it wrong. are they serious? yep. they must be serious.

lots of tears are flowing at this point. lots. the kind that make it hard to breath.

do they really think that i can do this?

i'm going to be really disappointed if they meant to send this to someone else.

how long should i wait before i call them and tell them i'm coming?

i regain my composure. read it again [OUT LOUD] to make sure that i am not: 1. crazy dreaming or 2. reading the wrong thing. of course, i yell for mom. she reads it. cries.

i'm going back to the mountain this summer. oh how funny God is.

i am so unbelievably excited.


a very excited and blessed and thankful kels

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